Crypto Market Downturn

Crypto Market Downturn

Disclaimer: Your capital is at risk. This is not investment advice.

ByteFolio Issue 113;

This issue covers Near (NEAR), Arweave (AR), Pendle (PENDLE), and Kaspa (KAS).

As predicted, the crypto market is softening, with Bitcoin down to $62k. There is support at $60,000, and a strong 200-day moving average, so I would be confident that the downside is limited.

Bitcoin Price

Source: Bloomberg

But the ETFs turned to outflows last week, and as I mentioned, the network has slowed.

Bitcoin Held by ETFs


I am writing the next ATOMIC on Bitcoin this week, so I will go into the details there. In the meantime, ByteFolio is over 50% Bitcoin, and the remaining tokens are our analysts’ favourite long-term positions.

ByteFolio Performance in USD

Source: Bloomberg, ByteTree