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Our research stands out as it embraces the old world with the new. We cover traditional assets, including equities, bonds, FX and commodities, alongside the new world of crypto. We believe the world is changing, and we aim to change with it.

ByteTree Premium is where you’ll find our most valuable insights and, above all, the portfolios. There is plenty to choose from, and we deliver results across the risk spectrum.

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Research Publications

The Multi-Asset Investor (Model Portfolios)

The Multi-Asset Investor is a commentary and two portfolios, Whisky and Soda, that cover traditional assets. The portfolios are designed to be easy to replicate for investors managing their own money. Soda is low turnover and medium risk. Whisky is more dynamic and medium-high risk. It is written by Charlie Morris and updated weekly, with additional Flash Notes when immediate action is required.

Venture (Investment Ideas)

Venture identifies opportunities that are higher risk with the potential for higher returns in equities, bonds and commodities, but not crypto as that is covered elsewhere at ByteTree. The situations may be controversial (e.g., coal, casinos, tobacco, uranium, or a frontier market like Egypt), less liquid (small caps), or hard to access without a good broker. Venture will appeal to experienced investors looking to cast a wider net.

The Adaptive Asset Allocation Report (Model Portfolio)

The Adaptive Asset Allocation Report is a model-driven business cycle trend-following approach to investing and covers the leading trends in traditional markets by selecting four ETFs each month. It is high risk, high return. Veteran technical analyst Robin Griffiths and quantitative finance expert Rashpal Sohan write the monthly updates, with additional Flash Notes when immediate action is required.

The Atlas Pulse Gold Report (Gold Bull-Bear Dial)

Gold is the world's most liquid alternative asset and provides genuine portfolio diversification, especially during troubled times. Atlas Pulse gives an unbiased view of the gold market, looking at the fundamental drivers behind the gold price, as well as risks and flows, with a valuation model based around inflation and interest rates. Established in 2012, Atlas Pulse made some great calls on gold, including selling gold in early 2013 and buying it back in full in 2018. Better still, it recommended Bitcoin in 2015 at a little over $200. This monthly report is written by renowned gold expert Charlie Morris.

ATOMIC (Bitcoin Bull-Bear Dial)

ATOMIC is a comprehensive framework for understanding the price of Bitcoin. ATOMIC takes a holistic view of the main macro, technological, and liquidity drivers underpinning this revolutionary new form of money, as well as utilising our proprietary modelling and analysis of the blockchain. Bitcoin is high risk. It is written by Charlie Morris and updated monthly.

ByteFolio (Crypto, Model Portfolio)

ByteFolio is our crypto model portfolio, which brings together ATOMIC, ByteTrend (our trend-following model) and Token Takeaway. This is a selection of tokens and coins which will appeal to investors who wish to diversify in crypto beyond Bitcoin.

As well as showing our current positioning, we will also discuss what’s appearing on our radar screen and why. There are times in this sector when we have to move fast, so you’ll also receive the occasional Flash Note when we see something immediately actionable. And, in case you were in any doubt, crypto is ultra-high risk. It is written by Charlie Morris and our crypto analyst team and is updated weekly.

Token Takeaway (Crypto)

Token Takeaway is a research article series that looks beyond Bitcoin into the wider crypto space, with the aim of finding the best crypto opportunities. Using our trend-following model, ByteTrend, to identify the current strongest crypto token trends, our analyst team selects tokens for qualitative deep dives.

BOLD Index Rebalancing Report (Bitcoin and Gold)

The ByteTree BOLD Index comprises Bitcoin and Gold, the two most liquid alternative assets, and rebalances them on a monthly basis in accordance with their risk. This is known as “volatility harvesting”, and this report allows investors to implement this simple yet powerful investment strategy.

The Weekly Roundup

With so much going on, the weekly roundup is an opportunity to recap our best thoughts of the week and any notable subsequent events. It’s a short but interesting read with a touch of humour to set you up for the weekend.

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The Multi-Asset Investor

Ideal for active investors who embrace value and diversification. This plan includes weekly updates of The Multi-Asset Investor and Flash Notes when needed.

The Adaptive Asset Allocation Report

Ideal for trend followers searching for the next bull market. This plan includes monthly updates of The Adaptive Asset Allocation Report and Flash Notes when needed.


Ideal for investors who are looking to understand and learn about digital assets. This bundle includes ByteFolio and Token Takeaway, with additional Flash Notes when needed.

Pro (Bundle)

Ideal for private investors who embrace all markets. This plan includes Venture as well as all ByteTree research publications, giving you the tools to battle all market conditions.

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