Weird Shit Investment Conference

Weird Shit Investment Conference

Issue 31;

My Take on the Best Ideas

I recently attended the “Weird Shit Investment Conference” hosted by pro investor Swen Lorenz. The conference was so named because someone suggested he hosted a conference focused on all the “weird shit” investment ideas they liked to discuss in his circles. That often meant small and mid-cap stocks in faraway places or special situations that were complex.

I attended the London event, and there were around 19 presentations over the course of the day. They were generally small and mid-cap stocks, trading on major markets and so not too difficult to access. However, some were small and hard to trade. There was another event in New York that I did not attend.

I have reviewed the companies that I found to be the most interesting and provided a brief overview. I have also selected the best of the best, the company that I felt was the most compelling opportunity I heard about at the conference. More about that at the end of the note.

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