Strong Balance Sheets

Strong Balance Sheets

Issue 22: Venture Portfolio Update;

Having not updated you since Jupiter (JUP), I felt it was time. There are plenty of new ideas in the pipeline, i.e. dirt-cheap stocks, but the market has rallied, and it’s not (yet) their time. Who knows what will change next week? The recent K+S AG (SDF Germany) had been planned for Venture, but as I dug in, and with a solid balance sheet, it was fit for the Whisky Portfolio. It is hard to say how many ideas will flow, but it will vary.

I spent time on oil exploration stocks but couldn’t find what I would describe as a free lunch. The North Sea stocks are dirt cheap but need regulatory/tax changes to unlock value. Energean (ENOG) is interesting but highly indebted. Serica (SQZ) is dirt cheap, but the trend is weak. I am also looking at Saipem (SPM Italy), but I need to better understand the business and await a pullback. I could go on.

Venture was born last September. It is still early days, but I am pleased to see the winners building as the weeks and months pass, which is how it is supposed to be. Of the 21 ideas, most stocks have been UK-based, with two outside. Expect non-UK to grow. The split between mid- and small-cap has been roughly 50/50, with just one large cap. Financials and industrials dominate the table, with three trades in gold miners and some in growth and technology.

The original plan for Venture was to publish the ideas that were left behind because the Whisky portfolio, while dynamic and adventurous, rejected lower liquidity and higher volatility situations. That said, this area is also rich picking for investors seeking higher returns.

Looking at the list, I am pleased with the progress, with some standout winners.

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