ByteTree Terminal Under Maintenance

ByteTree Terminal Under Maintenance

Disclaimer: Your capital is at risk. This is not investment advice.

10th-15th September 2020

We will be taking the terminal offline on Thursday 10th September, 10:00 BST until Tuesday 15th September 10:00 BST, to implement an enhanced transaction value tracking algorithm, eliminating a large segment of non-useful transaction types from our data.

A few weeks ago we spotted an anomaly in our Bitcoin transaction data. There was a stream of high-value transactions, typically over $100M, occurring in each block. Our initial reaction was that we were seeing a higher volume of whales than usual, however, we quickly realised that there was something bigger at play.

Data integrity is of the utmost importance to us. We, as many of you do, use our data daily to make informed investment decisions. Our data is our most valued asset. Over the last six months, our BYTE TokenSet has demonstrated how powerful good data can be when applied to an investment model. We have pioneered and proven the relationship between the level of demand on a network and the price of the native asset. While our data, analysis and strategies have performed well, we always believe we can be better.

ByteTree believes in continuous improvement. We are always looking at ways to advance the flexibility and resilience of our systems – at all levels of our operation. Having identified this anomaly in the Bitcoin transaction data, caused by the implementation of a new privacy protocol, we are now taking affirmative action to protect the integrity of our data going forwards.

We will be releasing more information on how these transactions manifest themselves and the actions we are taking to remove them from our data sets. Please keep an eye on our research page for the latest updates as they are released, or get notifications via our Telegram or Twitter accounts.

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