Important: The New Premium Subscription Plans Have Launched

Dear Reader,

Following my recent correspondence about changes to ByteTree Premium, we have received feedback, for which we are grateful. Most of that was supportive, reminding us that our services are under priced. Yet some felt the proposed price rise was on the high side for those who wanted to receive all of our research.

You will be pleased to hear that I have reduced the new price of the "Professional Investor" bundle, which includes all of our research, from £80 to £60 per month. In addition, I have decided to keep the Atlas Pulse Gold Report free because it is such an important conversation, and I didn’t want it to be inaccessible to The Multi-Asset Investor readers. The Adaptive Asset Allocation Report and The Multi-Asset Investor can be accessed separately, but I have also added a new bundle, “Traditional Markets”, for those who want to receive both. Finally, I am launching a new service called Venture, which compliments The Multi-Asset Investor for those wanting additional ideas.

Venture identifies opportunities that are higher risk with the potential for higher returns in equities, bonds and commodities, but not crypto, as that is covered elsewhere at ByteTree. The situations may be controversial (e.g., coal, casinos, tobacco, uranium, or a frontier market like Egypt), less liquid (small caps), or hard to access without a good broker. Venture will appeal to experienced investors looking to cast a wider net and is included in the “Morris on Markets” bundle, as well as the two all-inclusive bundles.

As you will recall, my aim is to unbundle our research so our clients only pay for the services they choose, and I am pleased to announce that the new subscription plans have now been launched. Since Premium previously included all research, we do not yet know which package is best suited for you. You will find the descriptions of the different plans and bundles below, as well as instructions on how to change your plan.

If you have any problems, then please get in touch, and we will help you through the process. We very much appreciate your support, and we are working hard to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and their investments during these tough market conditions.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Morris

Founder, ByteTree

Note: The following section includes important information about the new subscription plans and bundles, as well as FAQs.

How to Change Your Subscription Plan

This section will guide you through how to change to a different subscription plan.

  1. If you’re not already logged in, log in to your account
  2. Click “Account” in the top menu to open your account settings.
  3. The second option from the top will show you your current plan – click “Change”.
  4. Select the plan of your choosing and click “Choose”.
  5. On the next page, it will ask you to confirm your subscription.
  6. Once your new subscription has been successfully confirmed, you will be automatically redirected to your account settings, where you can now see the new subscription plan or bundle has been applied.
  7. Optional: In your account settings, click “Manage” and check that you are opted into the newsletters included in your subscription plan.


Crypto - £25/month

ByteFolio and Token Takeaway are combined into a single crypto plan. Charlie Morris will write and oversee ByteFolio, while our analysts, Shehriyar Ali, Seran Dalvi and Laura Johansson, will create Token Takeaway. Our mission is to keep investors informed on developments within the crypto market, assess the projects, and make recommendations within an actionable model portfolio. This will appeal to investors who know the crypto revolution is underway and want to make sense of it. The Crypto plan is priced at £25 per month.

The Adaptive Asset Allocation Report - £25/month

Robin and Rashpal look at the world through trends in ETFs and then make sense of them. It gives an excellent high-level overview for investors who want to know what’s going on but don’t want to get too involved. Robin has an excellent reputation in financial circles and shares his knowledge from charting the markets to institutions since the 1970s. Rashpal is the quant genius who drives the analysis. This was previously published for Southbank at £1,200 per year, a price for institutions. The team was keen to open up their monthly report to a wider audience, and the price remains £25 per month.

The Multi-Asset Investor - £30/month

Charlie Morris navigates his way across different asset classes, making recommendations across two portfolios, Whisky and Soda, each with a different level of risk. It is published weekly with periodic flash notes if there is something urgent. Some readers appreciate the opinions and recommendations, while others follow the portfolios to the letter. This was previously published at Southbank for £500 per year. The new charge will be £30 per month.


Pro - £80/month

Get access to Venture as well as all ByteTree research publications for only £80/month.


Do I need to do anything?

Please refer to the email you received from us with the subject line "Important: The New ByteTree Premium Subscription Plans Have Launched". Everything actionable is explained in there.

Is there a deadline for when I need to change my subscription?

No, you can change your subscription plan at any time. However, you will only be able to access the publications included in your current plan unless you change it to a different plan or bundle.

Do I need to change my mailing preferences?

Changing your subscription plan will not automatically update your mailing preferences. Please make sure that you have opted in to receive the newsletters that are included in your chosen subscription plan. You can update your mailing preferences in your account settings.

Note that you can opt-in to receive other newsletters too, but you will not have full access to the publications if they’re not included in your subscription plan. We highly recommend that you opt-in to receive Atlas Pulse, BOLD and The Weekly Roundup, which are all free newsletters.

If I change my subscription, will I be charged again?

The new system has a built-in mechanism to prevent overcharging and will automatically settle any differences by your next invoice. For example, if the new subscription plan is priced higher than what you currently pay, this will incur a pro-rata charge at the time of the change. The new price will then apply to the upcoming invoices on your regular billing cycle.

If I subscribe to a new plan, when will it come into effect?

Changes to your subscription plan will come into immediate effect after you subscribe.

Can I change my subscription plan in the future?

Yes - you can change to a different subscription plan or bundle in your account settings at any time.

Do you offer annual subscription plans?

No, we currently do not offer annual subscriptions.

Where can I learn more about the different research publications?

You can find more information about the different research publications here.

I have a different question.

Please see our FAQ page for further answered questions.